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IMAPS-UK Altogether better connected!
R2i 2015 - Research to Industry Event, Sept 2

The International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS) is the largest Society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics, electronics packaging and related sectors. Our Society offers chapters around the globe, creating a global network with more than 8,000 worldwide members.  The United Kingdom Chapter of IMAPS, a 'Registered Charity', was the first international Chapter and continues to maintain strong links with other European countries, the USA and Asia.

IMAPS-UK Supporting Microelectronic Research, Development & Manufacturing, plays a leading role in the UK electronics industry.  We work closely with other governing bodies, societies, industrial and academic institutions, to ensure that members are kept up to date with the latest developments & innovations in microelectronics and to provide a forum for the industry to meet and shape its future.

The Society's objectives are achieved through regional seminars, workshops, major international conferences and exhibitions, the publication of newsletters, & technical papers and other activities relevant to promoting knowledge within the industry - Get better connected with IMAPS-UK!

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IMAPS-UK Supporting Microelectronics Research, Development & Manufacturing in the UK


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