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Welcome to the IMAPS-UK Homepage

IMAPS - International Microelectronics Assembly & Packaging Society -  is a global community of microelectronic related engineers, scientists, manufacturers, end-users and supply chain companies. 

The Society aims to support the development and growth of the Microelectronics and related industries, and to aid the transfer of knowledge and information. This is achieved through networking, seminars, workshops, short courses, publications, webinars and websites.

Members benefit from access to business networking and events at a reduced rate; technical information & receive society newsletters and other publications. IMAPS is the largest Microelectronic Packaging Society in the World!

IMAPS-UK, a registered Charity is the United Kingdom Chapter of the International Microelectronics Assembly & Packaging Society.

Upcoming Events:

Embedded Device Technology

Mitel - 22nd September

Electronic Systems increasingly lie at the heart of the infrastructure and applications we take for granted in everyday life. From mobile phones and tablets through to connected autonomous vehicles, Medical devices, renewable energy controllers and many more. Many of these applications require increased levels of integration and miniaturisation which has traditionally come from Die shrink (Moores Law) and Package integration (MCM, POP ..etc). Embedded Die Technology (EDT) provides an opportunity for high levels of integration at competitive price as alternative to technology such as 2.5D TSV. EDT in particular offers considerable benefits such as high I/O density, multi-die, small footprint and flexible routing.

IMAPS UK in partnership with NMI are delighted to announce this UK first premier Conference on EDT technology which will offer those involved with placement of die and components within the PCB and those involved with Die Package and Interconnection technologies, an opportunity to learn about EDT Technology, Process tools and flows, Materials selection / options, Design - Industrialisation and applications that are being enabled by EDT technology.




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We are proud to announce that from 2015 we are a CPD member. This represents a big step ahead and a great value for IMAPS-UK members and for all the atendees or our events!



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